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2015-18 Powerlifting Highlights


- 2018 CANADIAN POWERLIFTING UNION National Championships

  • Gold Medal - Equipped Bench Press

  • Gold Medal - 3 lift Powerlifting Equipped

  • 3rd Overall Best Equipped Bencher at Nationals

  • Coached his lifters to a 3 Gold medal, Silver medal and a total of 5 national records

- 2017 IPF/NAPF:  North America Bench Press Championships: 280kgs

  • Gold Medal - 93kg weight class Open Bench Press

  • Gold Medal - 93kg weight class Masters 1 Bench press

  • Ranking: 2nd all time Canadian Top Bench Presser and 9th in the World

- 2017 CPU Nationals

  • Gold Medal - Raw / Classic Bench Press

  • Silver Medal - 3 lift Powerlifting Equipped

  • Coached his lifters to a Gold medal, Silver medal and a total of 2 national records

- 2017 Toronto Pro Super Show Gold Medal Equipped Bench Press


- 2016 Ontario Powerlifting Association (OPA) Best Lifter Award: Toronto Pro Super Show and OPA Provincial Championships

- 2016 Ontario Powerlifting Association Provincial Championships 2 Gold medals in the Classic and Equipped Bench Press 

- Won the 100% Raw Powerlifting Federation Coach of the Year for his astute leadership and ability in guiding his team, instilling confidence, fair play, sportsmanship, strength and drive into his powerlifting athletes and promoting Powerlifting.


- Won the North American Powerlifting Championship with a North American, Commonwealth and National Record Bench Press of 253kgs in the 83kg weight class. With a IPF World Ranking him 9th best Bencher.


- Took Silver at the IPF World Masters Bench Press Championships in Denver Colorado.


- The 2015 CPU Nationals:

  • Gold Medal - Equipped Bench Press and Raw / Classic Bench Press

  • Silver Medal - 3 lift Powerlifting Equipped

  • Bronze Medal - 3 lift Powerlifting Raw/Classic

  • 4 Alberta Powerlifting Union Provincial Records

  • Best Equipped Bench Presser of the 2015 CPU Nationals

  • Coached his lifters to a Gold medal , Silver medal and a  total of 6 national records

            The Athlete


Barry is one the leading bench pressers in North America and was ranked 9th in the World in 2015 and 2017.  He is now the 12 x undefeated Canadian Bench Press Champion in both Raw/Classic and Equipped. He has accumulated 2 World records, 4 Commonwealth records, 6 North American records,  over 25 National records and 30 Provincial records.  With the experience of competing in 70 competitions, Barry is a veteran of the platform and the strategies of competing.  Currently ranked 5th in the Canadian Powerlifting Union "All Time" top Bench Pressers.  


Barry is the only Canadian to ever win the Olympia Pro Bench Press and the only Canadian to be invited to both the Arnold Sports Festival Pro Bench Press and the Olympia Pro Bench Press competitions.


To top off his success, Barry has represented Canada at International competitions in Powerlifting since 2006.  He took Gold at the 2006 and the 2017 North American Powerlifting Federation Championships, Bronze medal (2012), and Silver (2015) at the International Powerlifting Federation (IPF) World Masters Bench Press Championships.


Barry brings a very technical side of the lifts and has spent the last 10 years reading and researching everything he could get his hands on.  With a very strong background teaching college in the subjects of Neuromuscular Therapy, Anatomy and Physiology, he links his scientific principles with training and his teaching background helps with his coaching style.  Always dedicated to being better, Barry is driven to further his education in the National Coaching Certification Program (NCCP) and is currently "Trained" in NCCP Olympic Weightlifting, Certified by the USAPL as a level 1 powerlifting coach.  Barry is the only Powerlifting Coach that has taken the "Core Training For Learning Facilitators" (2015).






            The Coach


Powerlifting Coach Barry Antoniow has coached over 2000 athletes in his career. Coach Barry brings a very skilled, technical and methodical approach to programming and coaching.  


Barry has had Powerlifting teams in Ottawa, Vernon, Calgary and now Oshawa. Barry has coached / handled / trained / programmed some of the top lifters in Canada.

Barry has coached athletes at over 200 competitions in almost every powerlifting federation.  To ensure that his athletes come into a competition with the best knowledge, Barry has become a National Level Ref in the Canadian Powerlifting Union and the Canadian Powerlifting Federation.  Barry served on the Canadian Powerlifting Union Executive Board for the last 8 years, was selected to be on the coaching committee and was the Head Coach and Director of the Parapowerlifting National Program.

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