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Training Lifters in person in Oshawa, Ontario



Our goal is to be recognized and respected as the premier powerlifting coaching in the sport of Powerlifting, both within and outside powerlifting circles, and to be the bridge (critical link) between excellence in training and success in the sport

Gold Medal Programming: $900 + GST ($157.50 / month & 6 month Contract)
Podium Custom Programming $1500 + GST ($131.25/ month & 1 Year Contract)

1.Gold Medal Programming: 6 months / phases of powerlifting training programs.  To get the honest progress with a new coach I require a 6 month minimum commitment.  To get measurable strength gains and structured coaching feedback, to change any technical problems, and support you in your goals, I need to be able to address every aspect of your development.  You will get an introduction to my Programming, coaching and training philosophies .  Includes Team Training in Courtice, ON.  All  Athletes get a Team t-shirt


2. Podium Custom Programming: 12 months / phases of customized athlete programming and periodized. Includes Team Training and facility access in Courtice.  All Invictus Team Athletes get a Team t-shirt.  Competition coaching package is included and handling for competitions is $50 plus mileage outside the GTA.





- 1 on 1 workshop is $200 (2 hours)
- Day Long Seminar (4-6 hours) (max 12 people)


The "Coaching Workshop" is 2 hours of focused technical training.  Detailed cueing and corrections of the squat, bench press and deadlift.   This is a great introduction to the sport and the lifts as well many season lifters that want constructive detailed feedback benefit.  


Seminar:  Day long powerlifting seminars cover the lifts in depth in a larger group.  We take the learning experience to a deeper level of understanding.  First looking at performing the lifts, troubleshooting errors and specific cues to help correct the technique.  Technique variations and best practices are covered.   



          Team Drop in $20 or $50 / Month


A Powerlifting Coach lead workout creates an environment of accountability and quality.  With a team environment, everyone feels supported and a part of each others success.  This positive culture takes athletes to a higher level of training and intensity.



New or novice lifters that want some guidance before getting into their first comp.  You will get:

- 14-16 week Program

- including a peaking, taper, warm - up

- KG / LB laminated conversion chart 

- 4 Skype or in person Coaching sessions

- 1st Competition breakdown and Prep, including weigh-in protocals

- Attempt Selection support

- Performance feedback and debriefing 

- Communication and performance anxiety control

           COMPETITION COACHING AND HANDLING - $150 plus mileage


After weeks of prep and peaking for a competition having a coach handle you the day of the competition is key.  Starting from the night before with preparing the athlete for the weigh in, attempt selection, double checking equipment, loading and spotting in the warm up room and making ensuring the athlete has the appropriate food etc.  I will only coach a max of 4 lifters per session.



Powerlifting equipment supply
Smelling salts, Nose tork, Powerlifting smelling salts

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