Making Weight for a Powerlifting Comp.

MAKING WEIGHT from 191 to 181 with a 2 hour weigh in.

By Barry Antoniow, Fusion Sponsored Athlete

Start 5 days out from weigh ins. Take 5000mg if vitamin C, Double up supplements: FUSION Strongman Multi Vitamins, 2 Creatines (Purple K) (Concret), BCAA, Glutamine, Calcium (+Mag and Vit D), and drink 1.55 gallons of water a day. CARB UP…pasta, pizza and bread and keep high protein (whey and Casine). Also, a diuretic like Sub Q or water shed, along with an herbal diuretic (celery, dandelion and charcoal I have used in the past)

4 days out: 5000 mg on vitamin C, 1.75 gallon of water. Regular supplements even if you are not training. Keep high protein and lower carbs eat every two hours..(A BIG STEAK or all you can eat sushi..the last big meal…..egg whites, protein shakes, chicken, tuna, and long grain brown rice, lots of broccoli and cabbage) Check your weight on both 3 days out and 2 days out in the morning after voiding. Don't check it before as the excessive water intake may still give you high you're gaining weight. Don't worry too much: If you're hyperhydrated, as you should be, you'll lose water very easily. Eat low-carb (but not no-carb) after you've stopped lifting. You don't need more than 2000 kcals per day if you're not training heavy or doing hard physical work. You will LOSE 14 grams of water for each gram of dietary protein and you will HOLD 4 grams of water for each gram of dietary carbs. Fats don't matter either way. "Don't F*** with salt/sodium”. Too much or too little could ultimately ruin things. keep that as usual.

3 days out...1.5 gallon of water (add a wedge of lemon) and 5000 mg of vitamin c, calcium and vit d. lots of easy digestible protein in low calorie form every two hours. (brown rice).

2 days out.. 1 liter of water and vitamin c. high protein, as few carbs as possible, (keep glucose tabs with you just in case you start to loose brain function) at night take laxatives to clean out your system (Naturally Fit Powder Greens, Chinese slimming tea and Metamucil). carbs should be below 100 grams a day. No Creatine or water retaining supplements. NOTES: Cut your water out, one hour for each 100 grams you have to lose (IMPORTANT). Start on Friday or sometimes if you have a lot to drop, on Thursday. Keep checking your weight throughout Friday as you may have to re-introduce some water before bedtime. Don't go to bed weighing less than needed. If you have 8 hours before weigh-in you will still lose 0.8kgs. I usually go to bed 500 grams over...and hydrated enough to fall asleep. If you need to (and you shouldn't), hit the sauna the night before/ morning of. Rule of thumb: 16 grams of water per minute spent in the sauna. Remember that you will lose an extra 200-500 gms in the hours following the sauna. Of course all saunas aren't equally hot. Hot baths can also be used. Most important these are very, very average numbers and your results will vary. The real secret is to keep your weight under 103% of your weight class limit.

1 day before weigh in... Take 200mgs of Caffeine tabs starting at 9 am and take 100mg every hour till 1:00pm. Sip water until 18hrs out and then cut all water out (below litre). 5000 mg vitamins C. keep carbs low (below 50g) and protein high. For dinner (4-5pm) naked chicken and tossed salad with celery. Take an afternoon nap if possible. If you can`t sleep at night have a small glass of port or red wine and an aspirin. Day of weighin no water or food. Sit in a steam/sauna room till weight is made or have a HOT shower and put on a rubber suit and go for a WALK. Your core temperature should be high. After weighin drink 1 litre of Gatorade (G2 is the best) and 2 pints of pedialite. Mr. Noodles Chicken flavor is the highest sodium (2000mg)(no name brand) take sodium tabs if you had to sit in the sauna. And go eat at an all you can eat pizza buffet, or my favorite pancackes for your the next meals. Take Carbohydrate gel and chicken soup with the highest amount of sodium you can find. And don`t forget water…I usually drink some micronized water first to absorb it quicker. This will super hydrate and supercarb load your body which will make you gain everything back and add probably 4-6 pounds within 2 hours. No cardio needs to be done.. cardio zaps carbs/glycogen out of your muscles and uses them for energy. Big no no.

NO lifting the week of the diet and stop training for a week before the comp. This protocol is something that I've cooked up and modified as I went along, all over about 60 meets.

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